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NATRI Background and Contacts
Assistive Technology Planner
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Assistive Technology Planner
From IEP Consideration to Classroom Implementation

The Assistive Technology Planner is here. It is designed to support teachers, families, and administrators as they work in collaboration with other IEP team members in planning and implementing assistive technology (AT) services. The planner consists of a separate booklet for teachers, families, and administrators. It is accompanied by a user's guide that contains a reproducible AT implementation plan form. The planner is available through the Technology and Media Division of CEC at

Planificador De Asistencia Técnica Desde Que Se Toma En Consideración Al Elaborar El Plan De Educación Individualizada Hasta Que Se Implementa En El Aula: Para Familias

NATRI Home Page

The National Assistive Technology Research Institute (NATRI) conducts assistive technology (AT) research, translates theory and research into AT practice, and provides resources for improving the delivery of AT services.

NATRI is operated by the Department of Special Education and Rehabilitation Counseling at the University of Kentucky.

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  • Assistive Technology Resources

    AT fundamental concepts; Research reports, checklists, self-assessments, and other documents generated by NATRI; Links to online AT resources, information databases, AT vendors, and assistive device locator systems; Videos of AT devices; AT training resources

  • Assistive Technology Planner

    Additional resources corresponding to the Assistive Technology Planner: From IEP Consideration to Classroom Implementation; teacher planner resources; family planner resources; administrator planner resources; the AT Planner in Spanish.

  • NATRI Information

    How to contact NATRI; Mission, overview, and research agenda; Status of NATRI research projects; Dissemination activities; Staff and advisory boards; Policies related to the conduct of NATRI research projects; Opportunities for potential AT graduate students; Credits and disclaimers

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Link to IDEA97 The National Assistive Technology Research Institute is supported by the University of Kentucky with additional funding from Cooperative Agreement #H327G000004 from the Research to Practice Division, Office of Special Education Programs, U. S. Department of Education. That funding is provided under the authority of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), as codified under CFDA 84.327G. The information presented on this Web site does not necessarily reflect the official position of the funding agencies.

NATRI Background and Contacts •  Assistive Technology Planner •  NATRI Conference Presentations •  Assistive Technology Information and Resources

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