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Learn about concepts that are basic to an understanding of Assistive Technology (AT) and AT practices.

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  • What is Assistive Technology?
    Explore definitions of AT and learn about the importance of understanding and using the AT continuum.
  • What are the different types of Technology?
    Learn about six different types of technology, with illustrations of components of each.
  • Assistive Technology Legal Mandates
    Obtain a summary of federal laws related to AT
  • A Functional Approach to Assistive Technology
    Examine a model of human function that can be used to guide the delivery of AT services in schools. The model serves as the conceptual underpinning for many of the activities of the National Assistive Technology Research Institute.
  • Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology
    A nationwide group of AT practitioners, known as the QIAT Coalition, has developed a list of indicators of AT quality that can be used to guide the delivery of AT services. The current version provides intent statements and identifies errors that are often committed when attempting to implement various AT services. This link takes you to the quality indicators posted on the QIAT Coalition Web site.

NATRI Background and Contacts •  Assistive Technology Planner •  NATRI Conference Presentations •  Assistive Technology Information and Resources

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